Detailed X Chair Review 2022

Argomax Mesh Office Chair, Ergonomics X Chair Computer Chair...
  • Ergonomic Armrests: This office chair is designed with...
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support: Separate support for back...
  • Comfortable and Durable: This ergonomic mesh office...
  • 2 in 1 Lever and S High Back: Easy to adjust seat...

This type of chair can serve as a gaming chair and as office furniture. Its quality is well-rated among the top chairs that last for a long time. It multipurpose chair.

X chair accommodates all body shapes and height. Thus making it most suitable for short people. Its backrest structures take the lumbar shape of a person seated. You can use a lumbar pillow if need be in case of long working hours.

Video gaming and office chairs should be comfortable due to long sitting hours. To avoid backache and being tired one should get a well-padded and adjustable chair.

Key features for X chair

Which material is the X chair is made of?

Its backrest is made of a mesh that allows air circulation. The breathability nature of the mesh helps to cool the back of the person. The frame is made of nylon and glass fiber. The sitting area has high-density foam material.

How comfortable is the X chair?

The breathable nature of the mesh keeps the person seated away from sweating. The density around the sitting area makes one sit without sinking in. They have wheels that can rotate making it easy to turn in different directions while at the position.

How adjustable is the X chair?

The backrest can lean back up to 155 degrees. So the user can find the most comfortable posture for him or her. Also, the height is adjustable in case the working surface is higher. You increasing the height of the armrest or the chair.

What size and color do X chair come with?

X chair comes in one size. This is because it is designed in a way it can be adjusted. By adjusting it fits different people’s height. It is made purposely for the workplace thus it has a primary color.

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Specs of X chair

X chair measurements.

The whole height is 50.2 inches.

The backrest is 22.4inches in height by 19.3inches wide.

The Headrest is 6.7inches in height by 14inches wide.

Sitting area length is 17.3inches by 21inches wide.

3D adjustable armrest position X chair has.

The following are 3D armrest adjustable position;

  • Up and down- it is mostly used when the surface is a bit higher and due to persons. The chair height cannot be adjusted to avoid leg hanging and vice versa
  • Right to left- this is useful when you are cited in sections and you cannot move the chair. So you just move the armrest to support the arms on either side you may be working from.
  • Back and forth- this depends on the position you set your backrest. So you position your arms where they can reach your working desk with no struggle.

X chair Packaging.

The chair is sold when not assembled but guidelines on how to assemble it are provided. The packaging dimensions 28.5 by 25.5 by 18 inches. All parts are well labeled as per the photo printed on the guide paper.

Weight of X chair.

This chair is designed most for office use. Thus it must accommodate a lot of weight up to 330 pounds. It has a well base that can support all this weight. The chair itself weighs 40.9 pounds


  • It has multiple 3D armrest adjustable.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is user friendly for a small working space.
  • It is durable.
  • It comes with guidelines on how to assemble.
  • Its breathable nature makes it comfortable.
  • It is most sturdy.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is easy and simple to clean.


  • It does not have a pillow neck.
  • It has hidden adjusting knobs.

Customer impression

Detailed X Chair Review

The users of this model recommend this chair as most comfortable for working place. The armrest moves independently without involving any other part of the seat. The size of the seat is most appropriate for working individuals

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Customers love the packaging is done which ensures during shipping there is no damage incurred. The parts are well labeled and screws for assembling the chair are provided.

Backrest design.

The backrest is curved in a way it supports the lumbar. The mesh makes it easy for air circulation between the person and chair hence cooling the back. A very tall person may not like the seat because of the sitting area width.

Assembling process.

The assembling process involves four steps. Nevertheless, the tightening of screws may take a lot of time. The tightening of screws may be hard for a first-time person. Some chairs arrive with broken parts.


Detailed X Chair Review

The adjustment parts are the most difficult thing with new users. The armrest can move without the user’s notice or adjustment. There are some adjusting parts that the user may not be knowing. In such cases, they can google or consult from the manufacture’s site.


After all the reviews done for this chair, I can confirm that it the best. Both for office use or even at home. When you need to seat on your working desk for a long time.


The mesh used at the backrest ensures air circulation at the back. So the person seated does not sweat even after spending a lot of time.


The armrests are well structured that they can support the arm well. It best for resting your arms when working for long hours. Even when you need to use one arm the other remains well supported because they can be adjusted independently. Armrests are adjustable effortlessly.


The base is made of high-quality material. That can’t break easily unless the weight exceeds the maximum weight set by the manufacturer.

The wheels rotate easily making it easier to move. When need to clean the place it just rotates around. Also, they five in a star shape.

Our experts’ rate for X chair is 4.8/5.

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