DPS Gaming Chair Review 2022

As the sea of technology is getting vast day by day, so does the variation of gaming equipment. The gaming period is the most amusing and entertaining for all the boys and teenagers around the world.

What if you get a PS5 and the old gaming chair is not cozy enough to focus on the game? What if you have got the perfect environment to play games, but your chair is squeaky?. Therefore, we have found a perfect DPS gaming chair for you to be the best partner for you and your gaming time.

The DPS chair we are pondering over for you is the homall chair, which is, by the way, a 2 in 1 chair it can be an office chair for work purposes and the gaming chair for gaming purposes.

Homall Chair Review

Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair...

This DPS chair comes in a various range of colors. This DPS chair is made up of leather to ensure the comfortability of the one using this chair. This chair weighs 136 kilograms or 42.1 pounds, along with rolling wheels to keep the chair moving.

Talking about this chair’s size, this chair is 19.8 inches in length, 20.5 inches in width, and 47.8 inches in height makes up the chair’s ideal structure. This chair’s dimension for the human body is 22.5-30.5 inches back support, 14.5-20.5 inches seat size, and the adjustability of height is 17.3-21.5 inches.

The soft cushion of this DPS chair can resist the weight of its user. The 1.8 mm thick framework of this DPS chair makes it more long-lasting and durable. This high-density foam of the DPS chair tends to be accurate against the human body.

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This DPS chair is not only limited to work and gaming; you can watch TV on this chair for as much you want because this chair can tilt as much as you want it to. The 360-degree swivel and tilting up to 180 degrees make it the best chair ever.

Moreover, this chair locks at 90 degrees to maintain the body’s balance and prevent it from stumbling over. A knob is provided in the chair for all seat adjustments. The gas lift makes the DPS chair more reliable and durable.

The headrest, armrest, and lumbar support of this chair would leave you no other option but to buy this chair. The metal framework, PU wheels, and pneumatics of this chair are unique and perfect for the human body. DPS Gaming Chair This is everything you need to know about the office chair, pc chair, desk chair or gaming chair, and the DPS chair.


  • This chair would be easy on your pocket.
  • This chair has more market value compared to the other unbranded chairs.
  • The customer service has proven to be reliable to most of the users.
  • It is a stylish chair with well-padded foam, which helps align your spine during prolonged use.


  • The framework of this chair does not seem tough enough, which makes this chair less durable.
  • The armrest of this chair is not adjustable, while many other chairs have this feature.
  • The leather used in the manufacturing of this chair is shiny at first, but as time passes, it gets wrinkled, and after some months, it starts to come off.
  • The parts of this chair have a low bearing ability, which results in early damage to the chair.

The rating of this DPS gaming chair is 4.5 out of 5


All the information you need to know about this chair has been reviewed in this article. Thus choose the chair which is good for your body, and you can enjoy the chair while working, gaming, or whatever you are doing.


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