Best Dxracer Chair Review 2022

Dxracer chair is a type of gaming chair. It is made of quality materials and designed well. Most of its adjustable parts are reachable even when gaming.

It well-structured for a small space occupation. The gas lift is the best for stability and safety. The base is made of strong materials, and the wheels rotate all sides.

Dxracer is a very comfortable chair because it is well padded. It comes with a headrest and lumbar pillows for support. It is made to accommodate a wide range of people.

Its frame is designed in a way it supports the whole weight. For adjustable parts of this chair is simple. They adjust independently, and the user can adjust to their favorable position.

Dxracer chair properties.

Here are some of the properties of the Dxracer chair

Dxracer chair

DXRacer OH/RV001/NR Racing Series Black and Red Gaming Chair...

Which material is DXRacer made of?

It is made up of PU leather. The frame is made up of strong metal. The sitting area is well padded, making it sturdy.

The backrest and headrest are also padded with high density for comfort. Also, the pillows are made of the same material as the chair.

What 3D armrest adjustable positions does DXRacer has?

This chair offers multiple adjustment positions, and the following are 3D adjustable positions;

  • Up and down- it is preferred when adjusting the backrest backward.
  • Side by side- this is to set the side you want to place your arm on.

How Comfortable is the DXRacer chair?

The headrest and lumbar provide extra comfort when used. The chair structure is so good that when you seat you are comfortable. The ability to adjust some parts allows the user to set the most comfortable position.

The backrest is locked after setting your sitting position. There are two holes at the back that ensures air circulation to avoid sweating.

What Color and size do the DXRacer chair comes in?

Dxracer is available in two colors that are back and red. This Color appears in a different part of the chair but is well suited. It comes in one size but is designed to fit all people.

For tall people, they can adjust their height and vice versa. The ability to decline helps to increase backrest height. The armrest can be adjusted to create space while at a position you are comfortable with.

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How are DXRacer chair Adjustments made?

The backrest can be adjusted back up to 135degress. You are allowing one to sit at a comfortable and where you can play without a struggle. The armrest can be adjusted up and down or side by side.

Depending on your most preferred position to put your hand, you can use any. The reclining features help the user to set the most comfortable position.

Specs of DXRacer chair.

135degrees reclining backrest.

Higher-density foam.

Lockable mechanism.

Four-dimensional armrest.

It can accommodate up to 225pounds.

The chair itself weighs 48.5 pounds.

Dimensions of DXRacer chair.

The backrest height is 34 inches by 22inches in length.

The sitting area width, including sides, is 20inches by 20.5inches in length.

The base diameter is 27.5inches.

The packaging length is 27.5inches by 27.5inches in width by 53inches height.


  • It has a 2year warranty for some of the chair parts. And a lifetime warranty for the frame to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • It is durable.
  • It has a breathable ability.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It is easy and simple to assemble as it comes with guidelines.
  • It is easy and simple to clean.
  • It has four-dimensional armrests adjustable.


  • It is a heavy chair.

Customer impressions.

The Dxracer Chair

Dxracer is a unique gaming chair made with quality materials.  It can be used for long hours when video gaming and no back pain. The armrest and backrest can be adjusted to your most comfortable position.

High-density foam.

The foam is elastic, so it adjusts as per the body shape of the person seated. It provides full-body coverage to enhance the comfort of the player. It is very sturdy.

It is well-padded that you can’t feel the frame even after years of using it. It is a perfect chair for gaming and office use.

Headrest and lumbar pillow.

The chair comes with to pillow that is for the headrest and lumbar. The pillows provide extra support where you place them. They are made of good density foam, so you don’t feel discomfort.

Though you can remove them if you don’t need to use them, you can use one of them at once without the other. Also, they are used mostly when the chair is reclined.

Tilt mechanism.

This chair can recline backward up to 135degrees from its normal chair position. This mechanism ensures effortless adjustments. It has a lockable mechanism that helps to control the swing function of the chair.

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Gas lift and swivel caster.

The gas lift is certified for strength and durability. The gas lift is made of strong metal. So that it can support big people’s weight and video game players like moving during the gaming. The caster wheels are coated with polyurethane for smooth movement on the ground.


The Dxracer Chair

The armrest is adjustable, and it moves independently. They are padded to provide comfort to the player’s arms. The armrest can move into four 3D positions, as discussed above.

They are designed to be adjustable so that the user can choose the position they want. The armrest is very comfortable when well-positioned by the user because wrong positioning brings discomfort and destruction during gaming.

Conclusion about DXRacer chair.

This Dxracer chair is very comfortable even if you spend long hours seated. You can adjust DXRacer chair parts to your favorable position. It can be used for different purposes, which gives it another advantage.

It has two holes that enable air circulation at the back, which is an advantage. Also, the DXRacer chair is so beautiful physically. You can spend hours and hours and have zero backaches.

The DXRacer chair covers even plus-size people. The sitting area is wide enough for every person, no matter body size and height. The backrest is very tall and takes the lumbar shape for spine support.

Dxracer is a chair that every gamer should own because it is comfortable and durable. The value for money spent on this DXRacer chair is meant. Also can be used for other activities you may wish to do.

Our expert rating for this chair is 4.9/5.


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