DXRACER Formula Series Gaming Chair Review 2022

DXRacer gaming chairs are the most popular chairs in the industry. They have a good reputation. They come in different varieties of models to fit any size chair user and affordable price units.

DXRacer manufacturers produce high-end quality products that provide excellent comfort sitting exposure with numerous customization options.

It’s a reliable chair built to heighten your gaming and working experience. With a certain period of use for this chair, you’re most likely to make it the most available chair in the house for use any time you’re willing to work or game.

This company is well-known for companies like Fanatic, Complexity, and Dignitas. They are famous for holding huge events like WCG and UMG.

What are the main features that the DXRacer Gaming chair possesses?

Here are some features of the DXRacer Gaming Chair

DXRacer Gaming Chair

DXRacer PC Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Computer Seat...

Quick specs of this product

  • It has adjustable armrests that allow you to make necessary changes.
  • It has a side cushion pad.
  • Its design is ergonomic.
  • It has an adjustable headrest.
  • The material used to make is fabric in nature.
  • It has a PU vinyl cover.
  • A strong and heavy mesh.
  • It has a five-point base that has a gas spring.


This gaming chair comes with real racing car seats. Isn’t that amazing.

It provides ample and maximum comfort to the user. The structure and design of the DXRacer enable it to smoothly contour the back of the user for long hours, providing maximum comfort.


It has an ergonomic design that comes along with the headrest or preferably the back support. This seat’s headrest supports your head while you’re working and gaming.

The backrest also offers your body and full support to your neck, head, and spine. It’s an outrageous chair that not only supports the back but also adds comfort in times when the gaming session starts to take a toll on you.

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The armrest prevents restrictions on the wrist and shoulders. It enables gaming sessions to be more efficient. DXRacer gaming chair comes with side support that allows you to lean on when you’re tired of playing in one set position.

Its backrests are high to provide ample comfort feeling at your spinal cord column area, from the pelvis down to the neck. They have a nylon 5-point base that has a gas spring.

It allows the user of the chair to adjust the chair to different heights that they desire. You’re able to make a few adjustments to the chair so that it meets the full requirements of your office and gaming table.

It has a high-density cold cure foam filling that allows it to be comfy even when used for long hours while gaming. 

Ergonomic Design

DXRacer has an ergonomic design that’s more efficient and comfortable. Furthermore, when you purchase this chair, you get a free bonus headrest cushion & lumbar cushion.

They are commonly used to provide your head, neck, and spine comport and support in between gaming sessions.


The seat of DXRacer has a highly breathable and flexible material. It allows air circulation and prevents back and bottom sores and getting moist.

The seat also is made from a PU vinyl cover and a strong mesh.

These materials are easy to wash and gentle on your hands.

Special Adjustment.

DXRacer comes with a soft armrest that’s adjustable and protects your shoulders and wrists from any discomfort positioning.

The chair has a footrest that’s nylon-based.  These materials and designs keep your feet rested. 

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  • These are the most comfortable gaming chairs produced in today’s market.
  • Their frame is of a heavy-duty aluminum base that makes them very durable.
  • It can accommodate a heavyweight person. It has an advantage over all other gaming chairs.
  • It can support a maximum weight of 265 pounds even with its low weight capacity of 55 pounds.
  • It is unique.
  • It’s a fully adjustable gaming chair.
  • The quality build of the chair is premium.
  • It has lumbar and headrest pillow cushions.


  • Its cover is of a fabric that makes it hard for the user to wash.
  • Even though PU vinyl is an anti-stain, it can be hard to clean.
  • I know we said it’s able to accommodate a person weighing 265pounds. The width is small, and it can be too restrictive when it comes to the user.
  • It’s not suitable for people taller than 5’11 inches.



It is a good chair for gaming. Its features are sturdy and provide excellent comfort to the user. It’s a nice chair for anyone below 5’11 inches.

Why should you buy this gaming chair over all other chairs? It’s a highly durable chair with an ergonomic design. It stands out from all other chairs due to its natural style and ruggedness that it is to beat.

All other chairs offer massaging units, appealing designs, and many quality features. This chair, however, has the best durability level of the DXRacer gaming chair

Rating 4.7 / 5.0


Spine Care

Flexibility and Mobility

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