Fujimi Massage Chair Review: A Guide to Buy Best Massage Chair

The pace of time and advancement in technology has evolved massage chairs completely. Several massage chairs provide individuals with a plethora of massage treatment options. There are even many therapeutic features that are being added in modern massage chairs to help people come out from their day’s hectic schedule.

However, finding a reasonable and pocket-friendly massage chair is not as easy as it seems!

If you enter the market to find the best massage chair for you, you may end up getting confused because of the availability of a plethora of luxury massage chairs options at hand. However, the brand that stands out from the crowd is Fujimi, which sells luxury brand new massage chairs.

One of the Fujimi massage chairs available for sale in the market is a super luxury EP7000, which is equipped with the latest technologies and many other vital features that will persuade you to buy it in no time.

I will explain all the benefits of this massage chair in the forthcoming massage chair reviews.

Fujimi Massage Chair Review: Rollers to Alleviate Fatigue

Fujimi Massage Chair EP7000

One of the prime technologies added to this luxury massage chair is the roller mechanism at different points in the backrest. This feature is introduced for a smooth massage on your back, neck, and shoulder. Other roller mechanisms such as “intelligent and ‘roller’ are indulged in this chair for advanced moments and massage techniques.

Plus, the rollers are united with 3D technology, which allows the rollers of comfortable massage chairs to reach as far as 6.5 cm, which is beyond their actual track. This feature makes this massage chair one of the topmost brands in the chair market.

Fujimi Massage Chair Review: Relaxation Massage features

When your foot muscles become tired, they make your entire body feel dull. So it would be best if you do not overlook your feet while considering various massage options.

Going through a foot massage is an excellent way to relax your whole body. Fujimi luxury massage chair is integrated with a massage technology that relieves your feet and rejuvenates your entire body.

This is a perfect pick for people who often go through chronic leg pain. Not only this, but if you spend most of your time standing and performing various activities, this massage chair is indeed for you.

Fujimi Massage Chair Review: Integrated Air Massage Systems

The air massage in this massage chair has a build compressor to inflate and deflate specially designed airbags. The air massager integrated with this massage chair provides enough space and enables it to cover your whole body while performing various massage techniques.

Multiple features such as holding, leasing, and squeezing make this Fujimi entire body massage chair an excellent pick to give your body stiffness that you usually experience inexpensive massage sessions.

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Fujimi Massage Chair Review: Vibrating Massage Systems

The vibration massage feature in this best Fujimi full massage product provides your body with rhythmic and pulsating sensations while relaxing. This is great for relieving throughout the hectic day schedule and making your muscles feel refreshed.

This feature is mainly introduced to stimulate your feet and upper body parts to provide you with one of the most comfortable massage experiences.

Fujimi Massage Chair Review: Systems for Stretching

When we talk about various physical activities, stretching comes first because this helps increase the flexibility in the human body and strengthens their muscles and joints.

Although many massage chairs in the market are integrated with different stretching options, our massage chairs have upper body and lower body stretching features to provide you with high-end massage with advanced massage recliners. The chair provides you with enough room to do full-body stretching from foot, waist to neck.

Fujimi Massage Chair Review: Heat Therapy System

Another aspect that makes this massage chair different from other Fujimi massage chairs is the heat therapy feature. Heat therapy is the best therapy to increase blood flow and reduce swelling in the body.

Fujimi massage chair incorporates heat features, which enables it to supply heat to different areas of your body so that you can relax and warm up your body while forgetting whatever making you anxious. You can enjoy the warm heat at an extended temperature of 45 degree-50 degrees.

Fujimi Massage Chair Review: Integrated Music Players

Enjoying your favorite music while going through the automatic massage session and holding mechanical massage hands is like icing on the cake. If you want to own a massage chair like this, there is no better option than a Fujimi massage chair.

The integrated music player is a fantastic way to provide you with a soothing and rhythmic experience. This is indeed going to help you calm your mind and relax your body during massage therapy.

Fujimi Massage Chair: Specifications

– Brand: Fujimi
– Model – Fujimi Massage Chair EP7000
– Colour: Black
– Material: leather
– Price: $7,999.00 (revisable)

Fujimi Massage Chair: PROS

– Inbuilt music player to enjoy music
– Airbags for the whole body massage.
– Inbuilt heaters to warm the entire body
– Full stretching of the body

Fujimi Massage Chair: CONS

-No negatives have been encountered so far about this massage chair.

Fujimi Massage Chair EP7000

Why Do I Rate this massage chair out of 10?

Although there are many Fujimi massage chair models available in the market, I have just reviewed this luxury massage chair based on seven different features because this chair is one of the best chairs that you will see in the market.

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If I would have to score this chair based on customers’ testimonials and elements employed in it, I will rate it 9/10. This chair has a solid customer base, good brand reviews, and warranties protection for its buyers.

Since this massage chair has brought all the required elements for full body massage, it is no wrong to rate this chair 9 out of 10.

If you are looking for a Fujimi ep massage chair that delivers a sensory experience, this best Fujimi luxury massage chair is less expensive and a vital condenser, which is also saving you a huge sum of money. I would recommend you not to miss this outstanding chair as it can turn out to be a panacea to alleviate fatigue.

Fujimi Massage Chair Review


Where are Fujimi massage chairs made?

Fujimi is a renowned brand operating its operations from California. However, all of their high-end massage chairs are manufactured in China.

What are the best luxury massage chairs for sale?

A good massage chair will have luxury features like an inbuilt heating system, airbags for full body massage, a Foot massage system, rollers. Since Fujimi ep massage chairs have all these features, this is one of the highly-rated brands in the chairs industry for a refreshed and intelligent mechanical massage.

Can I overuse a massage chair?

Anything done in access can have adverse effects and the same goes for a massage chair too. Excessive use can cause inflammation, muscles damage, or even can cause damage to your massage chair as well.

So it is advised to take it to slow around 15 to 20 minutes a day, and you can do this session twice a day.

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

Well, the electricity consumed by a massage chair is almost minor than what a computer consumes. Since massage chair is only used for few hours a day, the electricity consumption is relatively less.


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