We all want a good chair that makes us comfortable when working or gaming. Many of us have decided to take things to the next level with gaming and general office work.

Getting a logical and nice seat can be tricky. Many chairs offered in the market required good budgeting and perfect selection.

There are so many reasons for you to want to buy a GT Omega Pro gaming chair. The functionality, design, material, adjusting options, and how it will affect your pocket.

Had I just forgotten the key feature, the comfort provided by the chair? This chair comes in different shades of colors, so you can bound to choose your own.

What is in the box when you purchase it?

You can as well already imagine how substantial a gaming chair box would be once you open it. Anyway, it is not as daunting as we may think.

The chair comes unassembled, and there are 12 parts that you are required to put together and make the chair.

The box also comes with the required tools necessary for the assembly session of the chair. Some of the tools are 2 Allen Keys. So there is no need to panic.

It is a simple assembly that will probably take only less than 5 minutes.

What are the main features found in the GT Omega Pro gaming chair?

The chair weighs 22kg.

It is adjustable to an angle of 90° to 170°.

The casters are easy to move from one place to another.

Adjustable armrests.

The gas spring cylinder is also adjustable.

Omega gaming chair can accommodate a weight capacity of 150kg,

 It has a black aluminum base star.

It has an ergonomic and orthopedic design.

The leather used to make it is black and red. These are synthetic materials.

It has a tilt locking mechanism.

The headrest pillow and lumbar cushioning provide maximum comfort and support.

The fabric material used is composite.


It has a removable lumbar cushioning that supports your back. It also prevents the gamer or user from experiencing backaches during gaming sessions that might be too long.

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It has a removable head cushion that supports your neck and back. This cushioning is also helpful in maintaining a good body posture,

All these cushions are adjustable to allow you to choose the best comfortable part or position.


Its body design is unique. It has a hugging style body that supports your back always.

The headrest and lumbar cushioning are adjustable to your preferred height.

GT Omega Pro comes with a 5 point star base aluminum that contains high-quality ball bearing caster wheels. These casters provide good sturdy formation to your chair.

It also has side recliners and height-adjustable armrests. They allow you to get the best seating position and even when you feel sleepy. You can find a perfect place and rest.


GT Omega Gaming chair has a 2 sided manual instruction of A5 size paper. It gives you directional procedures that are required.

It is not hard after all to put together. It might put some users off by thinking as though it lacks some details.

The steps to assembling this chair are easy. If you find it hard to make the chair, there are always good YouTube tutorials that can guide you properly on how to do it.


In every chair we buy we look for something comfortable. GT Omega Pro gaming chair has proven to be the most comfortable chair. It is amazing.

It allows you to operate for long hours without getting exhausted or worn out. It has a body-hugging design structure almost similar to the chairs found in premium offices.


We always need to make adjustments to our chairs for them to satisfy our needs. This chair allows its users to choose from a wide variety of reclining options.

The chair can be adjusted from 90° to 120° backward or forward. In terms of height, adjustments are applicable too.

The height adjustments are super strong than in other gaming chairs.

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It has a spring cylinder, which is durable and successful.

GT Omega Gaming chair has numerous and the best adjustments that one can make.

What are the pros and cons of GT OMEGA PRO GAMING CHAIR?


  • It has a luxurious design.
  • It allows one to forward or backward tilt it to 90° or even up to 120°.
  • It has a tilt lock mechanism.
  • The pillows are removable.
  • It has lockable casters.
  • The lumbar support is really of great use.
  • Can withstand a weight of 120 kg load capacity.
  • The chair is extra comfortable.


  • When assembling the chair, chances are it can be tricky.

Our Overall rating

Rating 4.7 / 5.0


Everything that you needed to know about GT Omega Pro is now there. The prices might have been set too high, but with the features and designs, it bears we can’t complain. The comfort provided by this chair is indescribable. The design is elegant with an explicit exception than other gaming chairs in the market.

The manual instruction used to assembly this chair should, however, be improved. It can get a bit confusing when assembling the chair. All in all, I can say that this chair does fulfill your desired satisfaction to the maximum. I would highly recommend this chair even though the price is tricky, but the qualities offered are top-notch.

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