HugHouse Musso Gaming Chair Review 2022

Hughouse Musso company is one among the best in the industry of producing gaming chairs. With every new design they bring to the market, it just stands out every other chair.

They work hard to make better improvements to the newer chair compared to the previously designed chair. Their chairs provide ample comfort and are all of superior quality. 

Hughouse Musso gaming chair provides more comfort to the user. It has stable and heavy construction features that give it the final smooth touch.

Its flexibility allows us to explore open areas without making any unnecessary noises.

Hughouse Musso is designed for professionals working in conference centers and offices and also for gamers.

What Qualities Does It Carry To Get The Title Of A Good Gaming Chair?

Here are some of the features of HugHouse Musso Gaming Chair

HugHouse Musso Gaming Chair

Musso Ergonomic (Orange) Gaming Chair Adjustable Esports...

The product specs

  • It has adjustable armrests.
  • It’s a high-density thick sponge chair that provides maximum comfort.
  • The seat height is adjustable.
  • The chair’s back is also adjustable.
  • Flexible casters.
  • The backrest is high and wide to provide maximum support to the neck and spine.
  • The patterns on this chair are way classic for any decor. 
  • It has a Multi-tilt mechanism.


Hughouse Musso gaming chair has a stage 5 gas stick that allows adjusting the height of your chair. It’s also able to accommodate weight up to 300 pounds.

It comes in six variant shades and allows you to choose your favorite color for your home decor and preference.

It has an ergonomic design. This design includes varieties of other features like widened space on the chair with heights, large cushions, and adjustable headrests and armrests.

The seat’s design ensures that the user is comfortable and bolsters where needed most. Its base consists of a robust metal material that provides ample support.

The material also offers maximum stability to the gamer or user even when small movements occur. This chair is wheel-based. 

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It runs on a silent universal caster.


Hughouse Musso gaming chair is known to provide high maximum comfort and support due to its ergonomic design.

The armrest and headrest pillows are of high-end materials that make the chair more comfortable to use. It doesn’t stop to amaze people with its camouflage design that gives it the final touch. 

It has a customized headrest and lumbar pads, similar to the cushioned armrest that provide maximum comfort. 


Hughouse Musso comes with an anime of a one racer formula. It’s secured with a disguised texture that gives the chair a sharp tension.

The armrest and seat pads are large. Its lumbar helps in providing a full scope of extravagance and solace to the user.

The cover configuration used to make the chair is unique. It covers the stylish and fashionable seat. It includes an extraordinary sewing style, winner, and parachute weaving logo.

Irrespective of whether it’s used for final games or daily life, the demonstration on this chair is one of a kind. It uses PU premium leather on its top, a high thickened wipe, a thick base metal plate help, and an incorporated metal casing.

The leather used is softer than all other companies. It’s resistant to oxidation and hydrolysis.

Cleaning of these leather seats is easily manageable.

The casters also keep the chair firm and stable. As we had, said its caster is super quiet.

Quality and Durability

Its quality standards are top-notch. The gamer is privileged to possess and use this gaming chair for a very long time.

Its ability to endure and withstand harsh conditions makes it a perfect gaming chair. It doesn’t lose its quality.

The thick metal construction base gives the user a centered feeling. It’s also able to support heavy weights without bending and tearing up or even breaking.


This gaming chair comes only in large sizes, which is more suitable for most users. It has a width of 20 inches on the widest side of the chair.

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It has a length of 33 inches. It also has an added height of 21 inches that allows you to make any height adjustments. 

Hughouse has a 180-degree recline feature. It provides ample comfort for the user.


Hughouse Musso is known as the most dependable and sturdy chair one can ever purchase. When it comes to assembling this product, it’s quick and requires only a few minutes of your time.

All required materials for assembly and manual script are in the box that comes along with it.


Hughouse Musso gaming chair comes with a one-year warranty.  It allows you to replace the chair even when it has some issues.

If you’re not satisfied with the chair, you’ll be allowed to apply for one month for a refund.


  • Its design is very comfortable and user-friendly.
  • The construction of Musso Hughouse is of high quality.
  • It has a unique design that camouflages. 
  • The chair has a heavy-duty base that stabilizes it.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It’s not suitable for heavyweight users.
  • It’s hard to store the chair.
  • At times it creaks, and it doesn’t appeal at all.
  • It has a limited reclining angle.


HugHouse Musso Gaming Chair

We learn that this chair is the most affordable beginner-friendly. The chair has premium materials that keep it lasting for long hours and long days.

It doesn’t wear and tears so soon you’re certain to use it for quite a long time. The features that come with it make it suitable for any user to buy it and make it their standard chair.

Rating 4.8 / 5.0



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