Humanscale Freedom Chair Review 2022

Humanscale freedom chair is a multipurpose chair that can be used in different situations. It so comfortable and designed mostly for people who spend a lot of time seated. Humanscale freedom chair is easy to use even for first-time users.

Well-researched features for this chair to avoid manual adjustments. For working place, this is recommendable because of how it is designed. The material used to make this chair Is really of high quality.

The sitting area is wide enough for even plus-size people. The backrest can accommodate up to a person who is 6’4 feet’s height.

It automatically adjustable and reclines, but it has a way to maintain balance. The materials used can be recycled, and some parts can be replaced when torn. It has a headrest and great backrest in case you working for long hours.

Humanscale freedom key properties.

Here are some of the properties of Humanscale freedom

Humanscale freedom chair

Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair - Wave

Which material is the Humanscale freedom chair made of?

The base and frame are made up of metal and plastic. The inner metal is aluminum, which is followed by steel then well coated to avoid corrosion. The sitting area, backrest, armrest, and headrest are made up of wave fabric.

What Size and color does the Humanscale freedom chair comes in?

Humanscale Freedom chair is available in six different colors. Since it is designed for the office, most colors are primary colors to complement the office look. But for those who buy to use at home, they can get any available color.

It available in One Size but can be adjusted to fit different body shapes and sizes. Considering its backrest is tall enough for tall people, it makes it cover a wide range of height.

3D Humanscale freedom chair armrest adjustable position.

Up and down only this because the armrest provides balance when declining.

How Comfortable is the Humanscale freedom chair is?

The sitting area is well padded that makes it preferred for long working hours. Being automatic, the user doesn’t need to struggle to adjust to a preferred sitting position. The headrest can be adjusted up or down to the comfort of the user.

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How much weight can the Humanscale freedom chair accommodate?

Humanscale Freedom chair is designed targeting the working category. So most of its features are suitable for adults. The chair can accommodate up to 300lbs, but it a weight-sensitive. 

Humanscale freedom chair is very heavy because of the materials used; it weighs 49.1lbs. But it has wheels which make it movement easy and simple.

Features of Humanscale freedom chair.

Supported counter-balance.

Synchronous counter armrest.

Independent adjustable parts.

Dynamic headrest.

Contoured cushions.

Specs of Humanscale freedom chair.

It’s made of 132 parts.

Weighs 49.1lbs

Modular cushions.

Adjustable headrest.

Dimensions of Humanscale freedom chair.

Chair height is 53inches when fully adjusted but 43inches normally.

The backrest is 17inchess width by 22.25inches in height.

The sitting area width is 20inches by 20inches length.

Packaging height is 25inches by 25inches width by 29inches length.

Headrest adjustment ranges up to 5inches.


  • It is comfortable.
  • Adjustable parts adjust independently.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It has a warranty.
  • It is durable.
  • It requires minimal maintenance.
  • It automatic chair.
  • It is available in multiple colors.
  • It weighs sensitive.


  • It is heavy.

Customer impressions.

The lumbar support is something else you cannot compare with any other chair.

Chair size.

Humanscale freedom chair

Size is something everyone puts into consideration when buying a chair. Knowing user size is key, but this chair covers a wide range of user sizes. Many like its ability to accommodate different individuals.

This is because the workers may keep rotating at the office, so you don’t need to move with the seat. The company doesn’t have to get new Humanscale freedom chairs in case of new employees.


The fact that the Humanscale freedom chair is automatic, the users love it. The chair moves as you lean back up to the position you want. It reclines slowly, ensuring safety and balance to avoid falling. The weight of a person seated is distributed to enhance balance when reclining.


Most Humanscale freedom chair parts are adjustable, and they adjust independently. The headrest can be adjusted upward to fit where the head is. Humanscale freedom chair can also move forward.

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The armrest moves in one 3D adjustable position. This because reclining supports the balancing of the chair.

Lumbar support.

For long working hours, this is the perfect chair for lumbar support. The backrest design supports the lumber very well to avoid backache. The materials used are so comfortable and doesn’t compress when you lean.


Humanscale freedom chair

The materials used to make the Humanscale freedom chair of good quality; thus, it lasts longer. That why it has a warrant because the manufacturer is sure it will serve for a long time. But the way you use and maintain it also influences the period that it will serve you.


There is nothing as good as a good chair when you are working. No matter how the task may be challenging, you may tend only to concentrate on it. Considering the review, I recommend the Humanscale freedom chair for office and home use.


The base of the Humanscale freedom chair is very strong. The chair is for office purposes so it must support a lot of weight. The base wheels can rotate up to 360 degrees making it easy to move around.

The wheels don’t move unless the user wants to move. They are made of a material that does not scratch the surface.


The materials used to make the Humanscale freedom chair are of good quality. These materials make the chair last longer. The backrest, headrest, and sitting area material are super comfy.


This Humanscale freedom chair covers everyone. No matter the height or body shape accommodates all. Many users love it and how it complements them.

Our expert rating for this chair considering reviews and product analysis is 4.9/5.


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