The Infinity Massage Chair Honest Review

The Infinity Evolution Chair has a well-earned reputation for its advanced engineering, avant-garde infinity massage chairs technologies, and unrivaled customer support. Whether you’re searching for your first massage chair or your fifth infinity evolution massage chair, nothing can go wrong with an Infinity. But which one of their many models is the best infinity? Read this article before you shop for the best massage chair.

Infinity Evolution Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Infinity Evolution Full Body Zero Gravity 3D/4D Massage...

Being one of the top infinity chair models on the list, this Infinity full body with no gravity massage chair is the perfect blend of innovation and convenience. The luxurious intensity levels it is fitted with are amazing.

It has the latest technology and top-quality materials. Bringing you the advantages of a spa for daily care. This smart chair has an L-shaped design that comes from the neck and shoulders to the gluteus muscles. Its features consist of a three-dimensional back massage mechanism that works similar to the human hands. It has a fourth dimension variable speed kneading and oscillating electric massage deeply, making you experience deep kneading relief to your sore tired muscles through its infinity imperial massage techniques.

You can personalize the length, width, and depth of the massage rollers. And save up to two of your favorite aura massages to enjoy them again and again. The infinity body massage chair can be adjusted by voice control giving you the comfort of extremities in mind. One enjoys the most extreme reflexology benefits by the three-foot rollers for every underside that imitate thumb and finger. What makes the product exceptional is the Complete Calf manipulating and wavering leg knead rejuvenating tired muscles.

Also, with Intelligent Voice Command and Control, you can just request the recliner chair to offer you, your favorite back rub program choice. It gives you the option to customize your luxury massage sequence and save it using your massage memory programs. To upgrade the whole experience, switch on the incorporated Air Ionizer for clean air admission. It is equipped with an Inter sound Bluetooth framework to play your number one favorite playlist for the ideal condition of relaxation. At long last, no compelling reason to stress over space. Zero Wall Fit Space-Saving Technology requires just two inches of space behind the backrest at some random position.

The Massage Technique Options include:

  • Kneading
  • Sync
  • Shiatsu
  • Knocking
  • Tapping

Detailed Product Features.

It has a 3D and 4D Back Massage Mechanism

The 3D and 4D back massage mechanism rub imitates profound tissue back rub of human hands giving you a global massage.

It has a Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology Foot Massage.

These full triple rollers per foot make the most reflexology inclusion accessible in any Massage seat sending restorative help all through your body. It gives your feet an infinity genesis.

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Equipped with some Premium Bluetooth speakers.

This system allows you to utilize your telephone or Bluetooth gadget to make your universe of unwinding. You can listen to anything while relaxing your body.

It has Massage™ Memory Programs.

The Massage™ programs allow you to construct a manual back rub infinity massage succession and afterward save it.

An Incorporated Air Ionizer.

The negative particles are discharged close to the air. It allows you to relax for cleaner air admission with some quality massage.

A Keen Voice Command and Control.

This initiates your back rub programs by essentially utilizing this without hands.

A Complete Calf™ Kneading and Oscillation.

This is definitive in lower leg alleviation. Rollers consolidate with swaying development and pressure air cells to mimic hands delicately diminishing strain and agony and giving you a max d massage.

The 49-inch L-Track Massage

The chair follows the regular bend of your back, then, at that point stretches out to your gluteus muscle bunch, for a more complete back rub.

A Weightless Zero Gravity Recline.

Zero Gravity lifts your feet over your heart to work on general flow and diminishes gravitational power on your spine for a feeling of weightlessness.

It has a True Fit™ Footrest Extension.

The hassock precisely broadens then withdraws, to make a custom length set to the client’s legs.

It has a Wall Fit™ Space-Saving Technology.

The space-saving plan slides the seat forward when leaning back occupying less room in your room.

It is equipped with a Shaking Technology

A metronome-based development that gives you the exemplary presidential massage rocker feeling, for alleviating unwinding.

It produces some Lumbar Heat.

Warming modules situated in the lower back of the seat give a relieving premium massage sensation and release your muscles to all the more likely set up your body for the back rub.

It has a True fit™ Body Scanning

Body Scanning The progressed body checking alters the back rub insight for every client who uses the full body with no gravity massage chair.

It has a USB Charging Station.

This infinity zero gravity chair comes with a USB gadget. Being one of the advantageous USB ports ready, situated reachable while in the seat.

It works best with any Apple and Android Application.

Work while on the seat directly from your Apple or Android gadget with a free download of its application-based usefulness.

It has the best flexible Shoulder Airbags any massage chair could offer.

Get a more exact fit with flexible shoulder airbags to more readily suit your body.

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It has a Simple Control Panel

Control all parts of your back rub with simple access control directly readily available. No compelling reason to go after the distance.

It has a Shading Menu-Driven Remote

The full-shading show permits a menu-driven interface for added highlights over static shows or control boards.

It comes with 11 Auto Programs.

Advantageous and simple to utilize robotized and arranged projects with the press of a catch.


  • Gives an extremely definite spa-like back rub insight all through the body
  • Rollers and airbags do something amazing for further developing blood dissemination
  • Flexible shoulder brace include takes into consideration adaptable client settings


  • The heating is limited to the lower back


How do you reset the infinity massage chair?

First of all, you have to turn off the massage chair for further proceeding. After turning the massage chair off, grab the power, remote, and kneading buttons.

You need to perform this procedure for 5-10 seconds.

Which people are not suitable for using a massage chair?

  • Patients with heart disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis.
  • Patients with local skin disease, ulcers, bleeding, tuberculosis, and tumors.
  • People who are hungry, overfull, alcoholic, or overtired should not use massage chairs immediately. They should adjust their rest properly before an infinity massage.
  • Children should not use massage chairs.

What are the safety precautions when using a massage chair?

  • The massage time should not exceed half an hour to avoid adverse reactions such as pain and nausea.
  • Don’t drink or eat in the massage chair to avoid accidents caused by violent tremors.


The Infinity Evolution 3D/4D is the absolute body wellbeing and health experience in the solace of your home. It’s an ideal opportunity to begin living better and feeling much improved. This power chair gives you the best infinity massage you could ask for when going to a spa. It is considered to be the best infinity massage chair and very affordable. get yourself one of these chairs.

Rating 4.6/5.0


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