Nouhaus Palette Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Nouhaus Palette chair is comfortable and adjustable for any workspace, whether it is your office, home, or study area.

What makes it comfortable? The lumbar back support makes it most comfortable for your work time. The back support is essential during the work, and Nouhaus Palette chair providing the perfect chair for your daily use.

Nouhaus Palette’s structural management is also worthy. Its made according to the spine shape, which retains your activity during work. It’s not straight like a typical traditional office chair.

It has adjustable padded arms, which you can adjust for your ease during work.

The soft seat of Nouhaus Palette is also a unique feature of this chair. It supports you in 8 hours plus work time.

Nouhaus palette chair is available in 5 colors to make an incredible eye fresh workplace.

Colors including

  •  Orange,
  • Burgundy
  • blue
  • Green
  • black

On a limited budget, you can get a beauteous and comfortable chair. Every one of you wants a beneficial chair for your work; the Nouhaus palette chair is a brilliant choice at a reasonable price.

Best Product
Nouhaus Palette Ergonomic Office Chair
NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair Comfortable Swivel...
Product Dimensions
29 x 26"
Item Weight
27.5 Pounds
4.5 out of 5
Best Product
Nouhaus Palette Ergonomic Office Chair
NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair Comfortable Swivel...
Product Dimensions
29 x 26"
Item Weight
27.5 Pounds
4.5 out of 5

Key Features of Nouhaus Palette Chair

What makes Nouhaus Palette’s ergonomic chair perfect for us?

Nouhaus Palette Chair

NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair Comfortable Swivel...

The following key features:

135 degree

135-degree tilt makes you relax during work. It’s adjustable and gives you 100% comfort. When you take to support, it stretches back due to its automatic ribs.

Chair with spatial mindfulness

Nouhaus Palette chair has spatial mindfulness of support and soft cushions for your comfort. It is also designed extra flexibly to make it adjustable with body parts.

Variable armrests a compact

It has variable arm sets detached from the back of the chair. Arm sets are padded and can be set at any height. These are also horizontally adjustable to give you a wide area.

Lumbar adjust

The compact lumbar support gives you a healthy spine curve comfort. You can cover a long time of work with this lumbar support.

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Cover Horizontal load

It can hold a horizontal load. It automatically stretches to maintain a flat-pack applied for any purpose.

Open-cell foam cushion

Nouhaus Palette chair has open-cell soft cushions on the seat and back. They are fixed at the position with a nylon covering, which makes it smoother.

Perfect height

This chair has a perfect height for up to 5’11 feet people. Its back lumbar support is also made to maintain this height well.

Soft elastomesh cover

It has a soft elastomesh cover to make it eye-catchy and comfortable for sitting.

Gas lift

Nouhaus Palette has a smooth hydraulic class 4 gas lift. When you sit, you feel the smooth gas lift due to the breathable Nylon covering.

Computer chair

 It can be used as a desk chair, computer chair, and back pain during work. It has extra flexibility, which gives it a preference for a traditional chair. Its stretchiness increases durability.

Soft Grip

Its back cushions and free arm sets make a soft grip for you.

Palette by Nouhaus

Is present in different colors and fixed position? You can work efficiently in your office or also if you’re working from home.

Heavy duty

Nouhaus only provide you heavy-duty support with Base smooth cushions of Nylon.

Vertical and horizontal load

It can bear both vertical and horizontal loads because of its stretching ribs, making it more flexible. When we sit with lumbar support, it stretches back and provides you good body support.

Easy to assemble

Nouhaus Palette is easy to assemble through all tools and instructions. You can easily adjust your chair.

Nouhaus Palette chair is brilliant to use for office work as it supports your back and muscles. During a career, stress and pain cause’ main distraction.  A comfortable place is the basic need of work. Nouhaus Palette provides you both backrest and adjustable support. On the other hand, by using a traditional chair, you feel tired.

Pros of Nouhaus Palette chair

  • Nouhaus Palette is good due to its arrangements. During work, we need to sit actively to do potential work. We also need lumbar back support. Its heavy-duty and stretchiness is beneficial for our daily routine. On the other hand, traditional chairs don’t comfortable like it.
  • Nouhaus Palette’s seat size is broader than a traditional narrow seat. In a small space, we can make our comfort zone.
  • Its adjustable arm sets feature is also advanced, giving an adorable look and relaxing our back muscles.
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  • Nouhaus Palette is the best choice for everyone. Its height is also right, but the people with a size of above 6’2 can’t be comfortable for a long time. On the other hand, people with a height of 5’8 seem satisfied with quality and arrangements.


What’s the material used for cushions?

Base foam covered with Nylon covers comfortable cushions.

Are the prices of all the Nouhaus Palette chairs are same?

Yes, the materials and prices of all the chairs are the same.

What’s about the color combinations?

Nouhaus Palette has a white frame with any of the five color cushions.

Can I have the warranty for the chair?

Yes, Nouhaus Palette has a five-year warranty, which ensures its durability.

Office chair Buying Guide

Nouhaus Palette Ergonomic Office Chair

Before buying a good comfortable chair for your office, you need to check the following things.


It’s necessary to check what material is used to select a better chair for you or your employees.

Back support

Back support is vital for a long time of work.

Along with all the comparisons, the Nouhaus Palette chair is the best choice.


The durability of a product is also essential; Nouhaus Palette provides a warranty of 5 years, which clearly describes its quality.


Importance of Back Health

Back Care Awareness

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