The Perfect Sleep Chair Review

At one point in this life, there’s a time you preferred sleeping on the sofa and not in the beds. Not because you don’t enjoy the bed but sleeping on the sofa feels right at that moment.

However, taking a nap on the sofa you can either slide your body down or up while trying to find a comfortable posture. These positions and angles might be tiresome and not good as you will be suffering trying to get a suitable sleeping angle.

Perfectly after years of research, the experts have discovered a great ideal sleeping chair; the duralux 11 microfiber sleeping chair. The plush infinite chair is essential furniture perfectly designed to give ultimate days and night comfort that you will surely love.

Follow up the review up to the end to get more information about this latest version of the sleeping chair and it will help you make a good choice of the type of chair you need and the one that suits your needs fully.

Perfect Sleep Chair – Lift Chair & Medical Recliner – DuraLux II Microfiber

Perfect Sleep Chair - Lift Chair & Medical Recliner –...


The Duralux 11 Microfiber is fully made up of quality alloy steel and northern maple wood and it weighs approximately  125 pounds. The sit is overstuffed with sleep soft hi-density foam made of dura soft fabric and uniquely designed with a biscuit styled back for maximum comfort.

Provides wide armrests giving improved arm support when sitting or leaning back. The high and low warmth settings alongside the many back rub settings offer alleviating unwinding hours of relaxation bringing you a similar feeling you may get at a spa.

The TheDurasoft fabric is easy to wash using soap and water and above all, it’s scratch and stains free getting more votes than the leather. The fabric is available in indigo Fern, maroon, brown, Fern, Latte, Slate, and cashmere.


The amazing thing with the chair design is that it can recline up to almost 180° including the Trendelenburg position and the zero gravity position where your body experiences a minimum of internal and external stresses. Making it to be used as a sleeper, lift, medical reclining chair all at once.

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A lift chair will raise a person from a completely reclined position to their feet in about 40 seconds. It allows the entire back to lay flat, assist you to stand up and everything in between hence can be used even by the elderly.

It has 5 heavy gauge springs that make it possible to adjust the chair to the preferred height long. The sleep chair has adjustable heat in the seat and back that keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the sleeping time.


The Duralux Microfiber can be controlled by the use of a remote that allows you to change the heat features,  the chair height, and position. It has an inbuilt memory containing 3 types of massage: steady, pulse, waves plus a timer up to 30 minutes and has a manual with instructions on how to use the chair.

The chair is fitted with smart tek technology, a self-diagnostic system that ensures the chair is functioning properly. In case your power goes out it has a battery backup that gets you up as it has a 9v emergency battery for backup though not included when buying the chair.

Health benefits

This prime chair also comes along with some health advantages too as it helps to correctly align your spinal cord, promotes back pressure relief, and above all it encourages better posture preventing back and muscle pains. This ensures healthy sitting giving you the reason to chose it over other sleeping chairs.

White glove delivery

On buying the chair online at amazon it’s delivered to the home address provided by the customer. They set up precisely in the space you’ve cleared for it, get it connected for you and even eliminate the packaging materials at no extra cost.

Has a product rating of 4.5/5


  • It’s easy to clean
  • Stain, scratch, and blemish resistant
  • Reclines all way back so that your feet can be above your head
  • Multi-Purpose as it can be used whether you want to sleep or want to watch the tv in style as you relax.


  • Its the most expensive of the same products
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How do you clean the Duralux Microfiber sleeping chair?

when cleaning the chair one should use a water-based cleanser or a froth upholstery for extra cleaning. One should clean spots or stains from an external perspective moving to the center of the influenced region to avoid forestalling while revolving around.

Cleaning heap textures requires using a firm fiber brush that is non-metallic and brush around to eliminate residue and grime to reestablish appearance. While you wash you shouldn’t use boiled water or steam and also don’t utilize solvents to spot clean.

What are the height and weight limitations for the dura lex 11 microfibers?.

The chair is recommended for persons weighing up to 350 lbs and a height of up to 6.5 inches. Those who have a smaller height of 5.2 inches and below one can get a petite sleeping chair via phone order.


When searching for a sleeping chair find yourself one that can recline until your head is above your head. Has a soft seat that gives a similar feeling alternative to that of a mattress You should also buy one that does not give you problems such as cardiac and hip aches.

All these are provided by the Duralux 11 microfiber sleeping chair making it the best and believe me there are no other recliners that can compare to the Duralux 11 Microfiber. Hurry and order while stock lasts.


For more information about how the dura lex 11 microfiber works check out the following links on YouTube.

Perfect Sleep Chair

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