Rocker Gaming Chair Review

X Rocker Wireless Pedestal SE 2.1 PC Office Gaming Chair,...

Are you a gamer and looking for the best gaming chair that can alleviate your gaming experiences? Gaming is a recreational activity and comfort is essential but when you game for long hours using an unsuitable chair you may realize that you end up hurting yourself more rather than enjoying it. For heavy gamers to have a wonderful time you need to buy yourself the best ergonomic gaming chair that can prevent you from getting backaches and that gives you a  relaxing session.

Below is a helpful review about the pro-X-rocker gaming chair which is one among the best series of rockers gaming chairs that you can use for a wonderful gaming experience. Follow up to the end to know more about the chair; know what it entails, its pros and cons, and if it fits your needs well.

Chair details

Colour -black

Material- quality synthetic

Form factor – foldable

Item dimension – 22.6 x 30.7 x 37.6 inches LxWxH

Furniture finish – faux leather

Chair specifications

  1. Immersive media experience
  2. Wireless connection
  3. Connects with other rocker gaming chairs
  4. The rocker gaming chair Connects with x box, PlayStations, and music systems
  5. It is foldable

Enchanting media experience

The rocker gaming chair has wireless audio transmission fitted with 2 speakers on the headrest and a subwoofer on the back to pounding bass-heavy sound intensifying your game, video, or music. The Pro-X-Rocker has an earphone plugin in case you are playing games or music and you don’t want to disturb the others that surround you with your loud music. On one side there is a volume control panel where you can adjust the bass and speaker loudness without having to quit the game.

The pro rocker gaming chair is a pedestal gaming chair and it can connect with various output systems such as Xbox and PlayStation consoles to give you the best gaming sessions. It has the option to connect to the home theatres and be used either to listen to music or watch the television and read your favorite novel while you relax on the chair. These features plus the comfortability of the rocker offer the client a happy and fun feeling that one cannot compare while using normal chairs hence giving the rocker more votes.

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In case you are gaming as a team, the rocker offers input and output jacks that can be used to connect other series of pro-X-rocker chairs to the audio system giving you and your friends an enjoyable best multi-gaming mode. Apart from the jacks the sit still offers an option of BlueTooth connectivity that quickly connects to your devices, and you can play music, mobile games,pc games watch tv and movies, or any other form of entertainment in your best posture.

The rocker series gaming chair is designed with a decent super comfortable sleek design constructed to give you much comfort, and its black leather exterior is hard to miss. The tilt proprietary design offers pretty top support and adjusts to your body rather than forcing your body to adjust at the same time offering great comfort to a degree of your choice. The importance of the rocker gaming chairs is that they promote good healthy sitting habits and abstain from getting backaches.

This X- rocker brand comes along with an extra mounted soft padded headrest that is overstuffed to give support to your head when you lean back. The base of the chair though it may look like cheap plastic is broad enough to withhold any considerable weight to the floor thus it won’t buckle under any medium amount of pressure. The base is connected directly to the upper portion reducing the possibility of the two separatings and the interior of the bottom and rear side of the rocker is thickly cushioned with a lot of padding.


  • Easy to wash- the chair’s external cover is made from the best leather material which is easy to wipe when the dust settles on it and also the base part is made from plastic-like material which does not soak in water and dries easily.
  • The pro rocker chair has high-quality speakers that provide quality durable sound comfortable to our ears that can also be regulated to the preferred sound volume.
  • It has a modern look and design and feels comfortable.
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  • Rocker pro chairs may not be the right deal to bigger and taller people past six feet as they won’t be comfortable for them.
  • After some time of use, the chair starts to peel off.
X Rocker Wireless Pedestal SE 2.1 PC Office Gaming Chair,...


1. What is the difference between gaming and office chairs?

Gaming seats have high backs, while office seats are somewhat more low. Ergonomically planned gaming seats ordinarily have a wide scope of solace augmenting highlights, including leaning back, lumbar help, flexible seat stature, customizable arms, and footstools.

2. Does the X-rocker gaming chair go higher?

doesn’t change in height. it’s exceptionally tough and extremely difficult to tip over when reclining. The solitary way it can tip is in case it is done deliberately according to my opinion.


The X rocker 5127401 pro chair is made with a top technology design giving the customer all the preferred requirements of a gaming chair and a fair price tag. Starting from its excellent music fitting and thickly cushioned back and allows you to recline to your preferred degree, what more of a perfect gaming chair do you need if not this one. The entire family von gaming model can be used by either adults or kids but not the younger ones.  hurry and order yours on amazon while stock lasts.


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