Slabway Massage Chair Review 2022

Slabway massage chair offers five types of massage. It has a remote that the user uses to set the mode they want. It reclines swiftly, and the base maintains a balance that the user doesn’t have to worry about.

It has many settings that you use to customize your massage experience. It can massage all the body parts at the same time. It reclines up and down depending on the position you want.

 Slabway massage chair has premium heating settings that help in a deep massage.

 It helps the user to relax and increase blood circulation. It has various automatic and manual modes for the perfect massage.

The leg-rest area can adjust by moving up when reclining backward or down. The pressure on the spine is released during the massage, so no back pain. The materials used can conduct and retain heat well for a long period.

Slabway massage chair properties.

Here are some of the properties of Slabway massage chair

Slabway massage chair

Slabway Shiatsu Massage Chair Built-in Heat and Air Massage...

What Material is slabway massage chair is made of?

All the materials used are good conductors of heat. That enables heat transfer and spread in all parts. The frame is so strong that it can support a lot of weight.

The metals used are coated to avoid corrosion.

Is slabway massage chair Comfort?

It very comfortable and automatic massage chair. Considering the setting options, one has you set the mode which is comfortable for you. Also, you can select the type of massage you want.

It well-padded with materials the enable heat penetration. You regulate heat to your preferred warmth. Using the remote, you set the mode that is comfortable for you.

How do slabway massage chair Adjustments make?

Several parts of this chair can be adjusted. The roller that massages your back moves up and down. The airbags are well suited so that they can massage the hip and shoulders.

The leg-rest area movement depends on the reclining position of the backrest. They coordinate for the best experience.

How many types of massage does the slabway massage chair offer?

This chair offers different massages that target different body parts. And the following are the type of massage;

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Shiatsu- is a massage that involves deep tissue.

Full body stretching- the body tissue is stretched for flexibility.

Vibrating- it is mostly done after the main massage, and it helps to stimulate blood circulation.

Heating and kneading- soothes the body muscles.

Features of slabway massage chair.

  • Custom massage- the user set or customizes the type of massage they want.
  • Roller system- it’s located at the backrest. It is used to massage the back by moving up and down.
  • Zero gravity reclining- when the slabway massage chair is reclining, it is well balanced. This is because the base is connected with the seating area on all edges.
  • Airbags- These are used to massage shoulders and hips to create a relaxed mood.
  • Heating- slabway massage chair can be heated up to user-preferred heat. The premium heat is controllable
  • Shiatsu massage chair- for normal massage.
  • Full body massage- you set the full body massage mode.

Specs of slabway massage chair.

42 fatigue relieving airbags.

22 customizable settings.

Automatic reclines.

Control panel.

Heat therapy system.

Dimensions of slabway massage chair.

The base length is 51inches.

The length when fully recline is 67inches and 34inches in height from the surface.


  • Relieves stress and anxiety.
  • It lowers blood pressure.
  • It has a 1year warranty for all parts.
  • Boost immune.
  • Body flexibility is improved.
  • It is affordable.
  • Health improvement.
  • Free shipping.
  • It is easy and simple to clean and use.


  • It too heavy.
  • It can’t be used without power.
  • The manufacturer does not help if the chair arrives broken.

Customer impressions.

The sitting area is wide enough that it can be used even by plus-size people. The slabway massage chair is very comfortable and cozy. The setting allows the user to set their mode and enjoy it.

Slabway Massage Chair


The chair takes the shape of a person seated, so perfect massage is done. Depending on the settings one customizes the satisfaction is guaranteed. The massaging parts of this chair are not lough, so you do not feel uncomfortable.

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Operating this chair is very simple. Where you do not understand, you can find a video on YouTube. Also, the remote is labeled very clear that you don’t struggle to read.

The various settings of this are evidence that you can keep setting till you find a good one. It easy to operate since some parts are auto. Different massages from one chair are a good deal.


Different massages from one chair are a good deal. This chair can do different types of massage. It up to the user to choose. Slabway massage chair can do two massages at a time.

Depending on what you want, you set the kind of massage you want. The kind of relaxation you get is real therapy. For first-time users, they don’t feel like leaving the seat.


Not every massage chair can massage you well, but the slabway massage chair is one different. It durable chair that comes fully assembled, so no more struggle to fix it. Its design is amazing because it occupies a small space.

No one can be able to go to get a massage regularly. But with this chair, you get a massage anytime you want, and it has health benefits. You can’t realize the difference between this chair and masseur hands.

Slabway massage chair is so soothing and comfortable massaging chairs.

Look no further. This slabway massage chair is the best in the market. Its many settings give you options to have a different experience every time.

Our expert rating for this massage chair is 4.9/5.



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