Steelcase Amia Chair Review 2022

Steelcase Amia Chair is furniture that is made for working purposes. But it can be used for other purposes like video gaming and relaxing. Its backrest is made up of a live lumbar that helps to avoid backache.

Steelcase Amia chair structure is made up of steel. It shipped when assembled, unlike others. Steelcase Amia Chair has a wide range of seating adjustments. The material used to make this Steelcase amia can be recycled.

From this chair, you get the value of every coin you spend on it. Steelcase Amia chair can incorporate many seating adjustments. You can use it in the office or in video gaming.

Live lumbar technology is on another level as it flexes with movements. The chair is made of quality cushions. Its design is a guarantee that it perfect for long working hours.

The armrest of this chair is well situated that every person can use it. It a versatile chair considering the adjustments that can be made. The front seat edges adjust automatically.

Steelcase Amia chair properties

Here are some of the properties of Steelcase chair. Have a look at the detailed review

Steelcase Amia Chair

Steelcase Amia Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Back...

Which Material is Steelcase Amia is made of?

The frame is made of strong steel metal, which is coated to avoid corrosion. The sitting area and backrest are made up of a good quality textile. The foam used to pad the sitting areas is of good quality.

The backrest and sitting area take the shape of the body of the person seated. They come in different colors but the same quality.

 How Comfortable is the Steelcase Amia chair?

Steelcase Amia Chair is very comfortable. The live lumbar takes the shape of a person to support the spine. A person can make all adjustments while seated and enhance balance.

It has a back tension that helps to control speed when reclining. Armrests are well padded and adjustable front seat edges. The base is very strong in that it supports a lot of weight even when reclining.

Size and color of Steelcase Amia chair.

The chair is available in 22 different colors, but the Steelcase frame is always black. That gives the buyer the option to go with the color they like. Those buying homes have a chance to choose the one matching their house interior.

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It only available in one size but can be adjusted to fit everyone. The height can be increase or reduced to work comfortably.

How many 3D armrest adjustable positions does the Steelcase Amia chair have?

It can be adjusted to several positions, including;

  • Up and down- this is mostly used when you recline the chair for comfortable positioning.
  • Side to side- is mostly used when the user wants space or leans on one side. Also, the positioning of your computer or working machine influences this movement.
  • The back and forth-the sitting position and size of the person seated determine what to do if you can’t reach the working area and need to stretch but still support your arm.
  • Pivot for super support in any posture- this position can be used at any sitting position depending on the user’s comfort.


Steelcase Amia chair comes fully assembled. When shipping for a long-distance, some sellers dismantle it to fit in a small box. Another advantage is avoiding braking because you are not sure of how it will be handled.

In this case, you may need to look for an expert to do it if you can’t. But if you can follow the assembling guidelines well, you can fix it. Assembling needs you to be keen on identifying the parts and where to fix them.

Specs of Steelcase Amia chair.

It is made of a black frame.

Live back.

Back lock.

4-way 3D armrest adjustable.

Flexible seat edge.

It weighs 64.1pounds.

Can accommodate up to 300lbs.


  • It is ergonomic.
  • It is durable.
  • It’s a warranty.
  • It shipped when assembled.
  • It is versatile.
  • It has many armrest adjustable 3D positions.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • It is easy and simple to clean and maintain.


  • It is too heavy.
  • The guidelines on how to operate are written in very small font sizes.

Customer impressions.

Steelcase Amia is a chair of its class. The backrest takes the person’s lumbar as it making many people love it. The armrest adjustment enables the user to sit in any position and be comfortable.

Flexible seat edge.

Steelcase Amia Chair

The front edges automatically flex so that tension from the back can be relieved. Steelcase Amia chair can recline both backward and forward.

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It is expensive but it worth everything you spend. It doesn’t break easily. It provides sturdy support to the user. Since furniture is an office investment, quality should be part of the value of money.


Steelcase Amia provides non-imaginable support to the users. Even when you adjust the chair height base can support the back. When sitting for a longer period, the user sets the sitting position that matches you.

The backrest takes the shape of a lumbar to ensure no backache is experienced. The base is strong five-star feet that support the person. Steelcase Amia chair a lifesaver.


Everyone is in love with Steelcase Amia chair structure design. It very simple but modern design that occupies less space. Every part of this chair is well designed and fixed to bring out the beauty.

The Steelcase Amia chair is adjustable in any direction you may wish to adjust. This is because the wheels can rotate to any side the user want to face.


Steelcase Amia Chair

The Steelcase Amia chair very comfortable and has a good feature for the working chair. Every time you use a good chair you give yourself good working conditions. By this means you have fewer attention distractors

The adjustments of the Steelcase Amia chair can be made even when seated. They give space for tall and plus-size persons to feel comfortable. This chair is the best thing to own for office and gaming purposes.

Steelcase Amia chair can be used everywhere due to its design. It occupies less space, and its wheels ensure all-around movement. It is well-padded to ensure that comfort is achieved.

Our expert’s ratings for Steelcase Amia black frame chair is 4.9/5.


Steelcase material is sustainable



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