Von Racer Gaming Chair Review: Ergonomic High-Back & Massage Chair

Online games have come a long way, allowing people to earn money and make a living from the comfort of their homes. But, playing games on the computer all day long requires long sitting hours, which can cause many health issues in terms of obesity and high blood pressure.

Sitting in a comfortable chair while playing games can help gamers deal with health problems.

Yes, you’ve read it correctly!

You can own a computer desk gaming chair that looks not only chic but also re-adjustable throughout the day ensures maximum body movement while playing or working.

Once you explore the market to find an aesthetic, functional, and quality gaming chair, you can potentially get overwhelmed because of the availability of many options.

If you’re like me, you will probably spend hours going through the customer ratings & reviews to settle on the best gaming chair. And rightfully so!

But, have you heard: The best things often come after hassles and research!

If you want a gaming chair without making much effort and at a low price, you can’t go wrong with the VON RACER massage chair.

Since finding the correct one can be a real hassle, after months of analysis & going through various customer reviews, I have concluded that the VON RACER massage gaming chair manufactured by the KILLABLE is a rocking option. If you are also among those who spend long hours playing games on the computer, VON RACER is indeed for you

In the forthcoming guide, I will give you the complete review of the VON RACER massage gaming chair, which I find suitable for my need. I believe this review will help you make your final decision too.

Let’s jump right in.

Features of VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

VON RACER Massage Reclining Gaming Chair, Ergonomic...

killabee has a long series of ergonomic VON RACER chairs and offers many options to its clients depending on the gamers’ personal preferences. However, a massage reclining gaming chair in black from this brand comes with some premium features.

This unique chair’s overall design and aesthetic are pretty good, which is refined and fully functional. A perfect combination of style and quality makes the VON RACER massage chair ideal for kids, parents, game professionals, and office workers.

Adjustable Backrest

The VON RACER massage racer gaming chair comes with a high back that looks like the car’s back seat and is adjustable to different angles.

Changes in angles (tilt settings 90-175 degrees) really make a difference when working, reading, watching a movie on the computer, or playing video games. You can also go back at 175 degrees if you want to take a power nap or relax for some time.

Although this chair has many adjustment options, it is pretty sturdy. You can set the backrest as suggested in the product images.

 Retractable Footrest, Adjustable Height, & Strong Base

The racer chair has a retractable padded footrest which adds an extra level of comfort while playing. This ergonomically designed PC gaming chair is good for any sitting position for optimum comfort.

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The bottom of this VON RACER chair is made of nylon & metal, which is strong enough to handle a weight of up to 250lb. Even when the chair is overloaded, the wheels roll very smoothly, making these pieces ideal for gaming and office chairs retractable. This game chair also comes with an adjustable height to meet the height of your computer desk or office table.

 Headrest Pillow to Reduce Neck Pain

The Ergonomic VON RACER gaming chair features neck support which alleviates neck pain while also providing you optimum comfort. The headrest pillow is fixed in such a way that you will feel relaxed when you rest your head on it.

Best of all, the seat is pretty firm, which offers a ton of help to your back.

Adjustable Lumbar Cousins for Massage

The massage function is a luxurious feature that this video gaming chair has, which is quite suitable, especially for a worker or gamer prone to back pain.

With the adjustable lumbar cushion and in-build innovative USB, this electric massager will effectively relieve fatigue and level up your comfort, which makes it one of the best alternatives for gamers. To reap the benefits of massage function, you need to plug in a USB in this leather massaging gaming. Considering this aspect while buying a gaming chair is a big plus too.

The best part of owning VON RACER’s strong leather chair is that installation guidelines are easily accessible through videos & tutorials, making it easier for gamers to install. The company will provide you with all the tools that are required for the installation.

The texture and leather material on the VON RACER gaming chair is blended excellently, making you feel comfortable during long sitting sessions.

Specifications of VON RACER massage gaming chair

– Maximum weight capacity of VON RACER gaming chair: 250 lbs

– Overall dimensions: 70.1″ x 68.8″ x 121.9″ (L x W x H);

– Seating area dimension: 20.8″ x 22.0″ (L x D)

– Backrest Height: 32.7″ (H)

– Back Width – 24.8″ (W)

– Arm Length – 10.2″ (L)

PROS & CONS of Von racer gaming chair

Massage racing gaming chair PROS

  • VON RACER gaming chair has a sturdy footrest to support the heavyweight.
  • You can re-adjust the backrest of the chair at different angles for spine support.
  • It can be used for multi-purposes, i.e., reading, working, playing, or watching videos.
  • The chair has a retractable footrest which is pretty convenient to move.
  • Built-in USB drive electric massager function.

Massage racing gaming chair CONS

  • Many people with small height did not find this VON RACER gaming chair suitable for their height.
  • Massage function needed to be plugged for connectivity.
  • Armrests are not adjustable, which can be inconvenient to operate your mouse and computer precisely while working or playing.
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Wrap Up: Should You Consider Buying VON RACER Gaming Chair?

Aesthetics and affordability are not the only aspects that can persuade you to buy the Von racer ergonomic chair; this product is easy to assemble, restful to use, and has many positive reviews by diverse buyers who bought this cheap gaming chair and experienced its comfort.

This information has been collected based on the personal experience of different buyers, which will undoubtedly propel you to buy this massage gaming chair.

Choosing VON RACER’s massage racer chair makes my body feel like I am in a cluster of clouds. So, now that you know VON RACER indeed made an excellent gaming chair, why wait long to order? Get one for you right away!


Von Racer Gaming Chair Are gaming chairs worth my money?

The gaming chair is indeed a good investment for the people who spend long gaming sessions sitting in front of their computer desk to play games. One of the greatest benefits of buying a high backrest gaming chair is that it addresses the bad sitting posture and enables you to sit in different positions to maintain body movement.

 Is a massage gaming chair good for my back?

A majority of gaming chairs come with a neck pillow and lumbar, which provide maximum support to your neck and back, while also allowing you to sit in good posture.

How can I make my gaming chair more comfortable?

Ensure to set the chair in proper height and use armrest pads for the precise movement of the mouse. If you have owned it from VON RACER, you can set the backrest at different angles as per your convenience for a cozy feel.

Are gaming chairs comfortable to sit in?

A gaming chair is the most comfortable computer chair that is worth your hard-earned money. Many features such as adjustable backrest angles, racing-style seats, and snugly armrests make them cozier computer gaming chairs than ordinary office swivels.


Posture Maintenance

Body Alignment


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