Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Chair Review 2022

Waleaf Vitesse Gaming chair is a comfortable gaming chair due to its full back support.

It provides adjustable lumbar and heads support with a spine curve shape. This 360-degree swivel chair is designed to manage heavy-duty.

This gaming chair is also used as a work chair. Waleaf Vitesse Gaming chair has a 17-inch wide width to provide you backrest.

The notable thing about this chair is, it has a lockable tilt adjustment.

An ergonomically designed chair is comfortable to sit with good back support.

It has removable cushions which you can use with your choice.

Best Product
Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Chair
Vitesse Gaming Chair Sillas Gaming Racing Style Computer...
Product dimension
30.94 x 21.1 x 10.16 inches
Item Weight
45 LBS
Best Product
Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Chair
Vitesse Gaming Chair Sillas Gaming Racing Style Computer...
Product dimension
30.94 x 21.1 x 10.16 inches
Item Weight
45 LBS

Key Features of Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Chair

There are the following key features of Weleaf Vitesse Gaming Chairs.

Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Chair

Vitesse Gaming Chair Sillas Gaming Racing Style Computer...

Backrest dimensions

It has a wide backrest area of about 17 inches in width. It is designed in ergonomic design to provide back support during the game.

Safety angle class-3 explosion-proof gas lift

 It is designed explosion-proof gas lift for comfort. This gas lift provides relaxation to your body.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fibers are present in the chair’s backside to make it stretchable when you get the support. This ergonomic design provides the neck body and even waist support.

Bucket seat provides extra.

It provides a comfortable seat better than a regular straight seat. It is also padded to give a bucket shape comfort.

Metal frame

This ergonomic design is made of a metal frame that retains the seat’s actual structure and gives a spine shape arrangement. Further, it’s covered with foam and leather.

Adjustable backrest

Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Chair has an adjustable head and lumbar support cushions. We can also remove them or change them.

multi-function 360 degrees swivel

This ergonomically designed chair has a 360-degree swivel to provide you easy moves during thriller games. You can move quickly with this 360 swivel.


It also has a lockable tilt to maintain the shape of the chair by your own choice.

The load capacity of 300 lbs

It can perform a high duty due to carbon wires fitted in the chair’s seat and back.


The two-arm sets provide horizontal support and can balance heavy-duty. The arm sets are at an adjustable height.

Back design

It is designed in ergonomic design to relax your body and keep you in a position while playing a game. The backside of the chair is also large enough to support your head. The class 3 gas is adjusted on the sides to make it smoother.

Adjustable angles

This ergonomic design has an adjustable tilt of 90 to 180 degrees. You can adjust the angle by locking.

Racing style

Due to 360 degree swivel, it also said racing style. During the game, you can rapidly move on the chair with this swivel. It provides a perfect, controllable stretch. With this feature, you can feel as a part of the game.

Seating area dimension 14.9

It has a 14.9″ x 20.4″ (W X D) right size width to provide you a relaxed, comfortable seat. You can easily sit on it for a long time.

Adjustable seat height

You can also adjust the height of the seat according to your kid’s size. It’s durable with its advanced features.

Vitesse gaming chair

Vitesse gaming chair is a unique type of adjustable chair. You can easily adjust the height, head support, and lumbar support. You can play thrilling games by sitting on this.

This chair gives excellent side support and maintains the activity for hours. You can run the game for a long time comfortably.

Pros of Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Chair

  • Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Chair provides a wide seat and wide backrest area to sit comfortably.
  • It has a gigantic backside, which gives support to the head. The bucket seat is also adjustable with your height.
  • The individual cushions are an advantage for the curved spine to relax. These foam padded cushions provide rest to your head and lumbar. You can buy it at an affordable price.
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Things to remember:

Nothing found worse in it; it’s a satisfying ergonomic design to support your body and muscles.


Can I adjust the tilt of any angle?

Yes, you can freely adjust it from any angle.

I want a PC working chair; would Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Chair be comfortable for me?

Yes, it’s a multipurpose chair,  you can buy it for your PC work. You can also use it to watch a movie or for a book reading.

Can I have more than two chairs in one color?

Yes, you can buy more than two chairs.

Are the arm sets moveable?

No, the arm sets are non-moveable.

Buying Guides

There are the following things you should keep in mind before buying the best product.

Material and Quality

You should buy a breathable gas-holding covered durable chair. Polythene or a plastic cover doesn’t meet all purposes.

Back support

 Back support is significant for a regular gamer. Ergonomic designs are providing you the best quality back support that keeps you physically fit and healthy.


Keys of Healthy Back

Strengthen you Back


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